1. How to make membership benefit from the “interest reduced with the principal”?
Every time when the clients repay the money, after the deduction of interest payable, the remaining amount of the payment will be treated as part of the outstanding principal repayment. Therefore, the balance of the loan repayment will be reduced relatively with each repayment. And the next interest will also be calculated according the balance of the loan after repayment.

2. What is revolving credit?
Revolving credit refers to the revolving use of the loan repaid.

3. What qualifications are needed to apply for a personal loan?
Applicant must be residents aged 18 or above, have the right of abode in Hong Kong, and have fixed occupation and income.

4. Which documents are needed to apply for a personal loan??
Only the proofs of Hong Kong identity are needed, such as payroll, tax roll, income proof and address proof.

5. Is a telephone application acceptable?
Yes, it is acceptable. Our loan hotline is 2868 6000. And customers need to fax relevant documents to the branch chosen to complete the formalities. Once approved, the loan can be extracted.

6. Whether the applications for loans will be disclosed to friends and relatives?
No, definitely not. According to the personal data (privacy) ordinance, the applicant information is confidential.

7. If there is any other questions, how to inquire?
You can ask for more information through our loan hotline: 2868 6000, or at any branch of the company.

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