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Easy Mortgage
Imperium Financial Limited will provide a professional, fast, high-quality property lending services to the property owner, including the first and second mortgage on tenement buildings, village houses, factories, commercial offices, shops, land, car parking. Regardless for the turnover of business, to clear your card debts, personal turnover, entrepreneurship, sustainable development business for children's education, office expansion, relocation or renovation, you may apply our mortgage loan to meet your real needs.

Second mortgage is too easy to be done. A tailor-made scheme is always ready for you from our professional team

  • Second Mortgage Loan can be done with Imperium Financial even If your property is under a mortgage loan with other financial institutions
  • No limitation on the age nor the types of properties (Exclude properties under HOME Ownership Scheme and Sandwich Class Housing Scheme while no premium has been paid)
  • Larger loan amount, no upper limit.
  • Simple application procedures with short approval time.
  • Flexible repayment terms (with fixed instalment or revolving payment options)
  • Property owners can directly contact our mortgage Customer Service Officers to discuss the detailed procedures. We assure you that you can enjoy our effective and efficient mortgage loan services.

For more information on property loans information, Please call our mortgage Customer Service hotline 2868 6000.

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